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A memorable day for SSL


On Monday, February 17 was an important day in the history of SSL. The Lao People’s Democratic Republic and School Support Lao sign a new, official 3-year contract. This contract was approved by the Lao Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the next three-year period we want to expand with new districts and our goal is to give almost 2 000 children the help to attend school. And at the same time contribute so that 5 000 children and parents will have a better life. We plan to work towards as many as 99 villages, many in remote areas.

During the signing meeting there were 38 representatives from the state of Laos, including the Vice-Governor in Savannakhet province and the Education Director. Representatives from the Education Department and the Foreign Affairs, were also present.


Nang Lingthong, the Education Director is a very skilful woman. During the speech she held, she mentioned how she still remember the beginning of SSL. When Marit and Satad drove from villages to villages on the moped with their baby girl. She praised the stability and the patience in our work here, in Laos, which has now almost been going on for 20 years. She also underlined the importance for the whole province when SSL step in and gives education to so many children and adolescentes, which otherwise would not have the opportunity to go to school. SSL received many praises both from her and the Vice-Governor. We are experiencing a lot of favors and a sincere desire to stand together with us in this important work we are doing among the poorest.

We take in all the good words and all the honoring we have been given. But as I underlined during my speech, that it is very important for me to have a wonderful and hardworking staff with a big heart that is so committed to help the people in poverty. The good relationships we have built up throughout the years with the locals and at the same time with the regional and central authorities, has without any doubt been crucial.

After this important meeting, I am feeling very thankful and overwhelmed to lead this work that has a big impact and makes a huge difference in numerous lives. There are still countless children out there who are dreaming about attending school, and SSL is ready to help.


  • Marit

Loni, the one of eight

Loni, a beautiful girl who’s 19 years old, and has her whole life ahead of her. This fall, she will start in vocational school and it is a seamstress she wants to become. The dream is to have your own sewing machine and be able to live by sewing skirts and blouses.

I’ll never forget the first time we met Loni and her mom. They lived in a small house and there were children everywhere.Her parens had eight children (the mother had given birth to nine children but one died in an accident). The mother did not know how to feed the family and therefore brought children out to find cardboard that they could sell for cheap money. After several visits, where we brought food and clothes to the family, we had good contact with the mother. She agreed that the young girl, Loni, could start school if SSL could support her with school supplies, and of course we could!

Twelve years have now passed and Loni is the only one in their siblings who has attended school. We have had regular contact with Loni and the family and when she now chooses to continue her education, SSL has decided to pay all school expenses until she is a trained seamstress.

School for all!

Unfortunately, in Laos, many children still do not have the opportunity to attend school. Especially the children in the mountainous areas, many children have to help their parents work and find food or be with their younger siblings. Many parents cannot afford to buy necessary school supplies so that their children can start school.

We at SSL have a dream to see all children go to school and through it have a better future. Over 600 children now have the opportunity to attend school through our work, but there are still many out there waiting for help.

Would you like to help? It costs 55 USD to help one child to go to school for one year. Some people choose to give 55 USD a month and for that a whole village can go to school. The amount is optional and it is also possible to give a one time gift. Everything is received with great thanks and we promise that your help will reach those who need it most

Bank account number: 39360114868

In advance thank you!

The birthday gift that will give education to a whole village

A Norwegian woman in her 50’s just had her birthday. Instead of a regular gift, she wanted friends and families to give an optional amount to School Support Laos. This birthday gift will be used to help all the children to get an education in a whole village.

A few months ago, the SSL team traveled to the Sepon district. We had long been looking for a boy we had helped before but that we had lost contact with when he and the family moved without us knowing where.

There are many bad roads in Laos and sometimes you have to settle for a home-made fleet.


When we arrived at the village we were faced with great poverty. Very few of the children could afford to buy school uniforms and writing materials so that they can start school.

Teenage girls either woven skirts or look after newborn baby or both.

As a gift to the people of the village, we brought with us a blanket for all the families. Here, Satad gives a blanket for a beautiful, older lady standing in front of her home.

In this village there is an urgent need for help. The most important thing we can give these children is a long-term education. Because a woman in Norway decided that she wanted to send her birthday gifts to SSL in Laos, a whole village can now celebrate that children and grandchildren can start school.

Thank you very much to you and others who choose to give gifts to the important work we do among the beautiful people of Laos.

If you want to help by giving a one-time gift, birthday gift or gift, you can transfer to our account number 3936.01.14868

We promise to help those who need the most!

  • Marit

English Camp 2019!

On February 19th and 20th, we arranged English Camp for the 6th time, this time at Naxeng secondary school in Savannakhet town. There was over 200 students, 16 volunteer teachers from both abroad and local schools, teachers from Naxeng school, and not least representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Education Directorate and the school office that came. Everything was made sure that February 19th and 20th would be memorable days!

Our goal with English Camp is to make language learning fun and exciting for the students, create engagement around the English language and inspire teachers for creative and fun teaching. Our experience is that these are relevant goals for the schools in Laos, and that’s why we arranged English Camp for the sixth time!

The students got to learn about the themes: Verb, family, body, school equipment, animals, mood and places. All the students were divided into 8 groups, and 7 volunteer foreign teachers were responsible for each topic. They set up 40 minutes of teaching, and all student groups went between the themes (stations). Station no. 8 was a creative station where all the students wrote their name on a large poster. Between the stations, there were also various activities, both dance, song and competitions.

We are very grateful to be able to help give students an experience of attending a larger event in a larger community, with toys, laughter, and challenges. We are already looking forward to the next English Camp!





The long journey


Last week, one of SSL’s teachers came to the office. He had spent 4 hours of scooter on a really impassable road, followed by a 5-hour bus tour, to tell about the various challenges at the school he is working on.

Additional Info: In Laos, graduates must work for free for 2 years to show commitment before they receive a salary. For some reason, Bounthan is on her 3rd free year, something more teachers are experiencing at the moment. Can also add that teachers are placed arbitrarily around the province depending on where it is needed. We tried last year to travel to the village of Bounthan working in, but it’s so difficult we had to turn around. We will try again in February!


It is common for the villages to have their own home for teachers. Bounthan says he lives in a single cabin with bamboo walls and everything gets wet if it’s raining. It will also be very cold in the winter, and it blows all over the wall. Since he does not get a salary and the village is so bad that they do not have much to go to the village’s teacher, he must also find the food himself.


The goal of his visit was to tell that the 54 students at his school have nothing. No books, notebooks, stationery or uniform. The teachers, too, have not received the textbooks that the state should initially provide, and it is challenging to teach all subjects without aids. In addition, few children have clothing that covers the entire body, which makes it difficult during the cold months. And then I mean woolly smoke.


We have known Bounthan for over 6 years, and we have learned that he has a big heart for the students and their teachers. With a Norwegian starting point, it’s hard to get into his everyday life: work for free, live in a straw cabin and live by hand to mouth. In addition, he takes the time and afford to travel all the way to our office to share – for the benefit of his students.


For his return home, he brought 100 scrapbooks and 140 pencils as a temporary solution until we visited the village in February.


New members in SSL!

Today, I’m pleased to inform all our readers that we have got two new members in the SSL family. We have long seen the need for more workers who can stand with us to provide the best help for those who need it most.

After interviewing many applicants, we were confident in our case when we asked Nick and Boi if they wanted the job. They thanked yes, and yesterday was their first day at work.

Nick and Boi are now part of the SSL family and we warmly welcome them!

The first day at work consisted of packing clothes we will take for the next hike


I am proud to have a team of six permanent employees in addition to Satad and myself. We are now well equipped to take many new steps together so that even more children and young people can get a solid education and a safer future.



Treasure Hunting: Phonsamai

How did the SSL students do? Treasure hunt: Phontavi


Since 2001, SSL has helped countless children in Savannakhet. You may wonder what has happend to everyone? I have asked three of my employees in SSL to go on treasure hunting to find out how they are. Do they still live in deep poverty and have to live by hand or do they have a better life through education?


17 years ago, we met this smiling and beautiful boy at Nonsavat Primary School in img_5941Savannakhet. He lived with his mother who was widow and did whatever she could to make the children get enough food in their stomach.


Phontavi was a diligent student and after schooling he went on to middle school. He was allowed by his mother to continue. The years went by and after close contact and support from SSL he could proudly graduate with a bachelor degree from the teacher college.



Phontavi had a nice year while working in China.



Last year, he was employed by a Chinese company and he worked in China for a year. Now, he soon will travel to Bangkok and Thailand, where he has got a new position that gives him a safe income.






Nid and Mong met Phontavi and he wanted to thank all of you who have helped to educate him. He says that his life would have been completely different if he had not received SSL support since he was young.

Now he can not only support his family but he also has the opportunity to travel and see the world outside of Laos.

Phontavi  has a life many can only dream of. We in SSL believe that education is the key word.



There are still many who need help to get education.

Do you want to be a permanent donor or give one-time gift? Our account number is: 3936.01.14868 (Norway)




«Simply Beautiful» – a gift from Laos to Norway

This coming year, as an act meant to attract more tourists, Laos have decided to promote their country as “Laos – Simply Beautiful.”

As a little bonus, the government have decided that 2018 will be a year where tourists coming from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland won’t be needing visas to enter the country. After meeting with representatives from different public offices, I learned that SSL and the work that we do among the poorest in this country, is may be one of the triggering causes for this decision.

– “We want to open our country, and invite more people like you to come. People who  respect our culture, dress appropriately, and who are kind hearted.”

I also learned that in the government corridors, people are talking about SSL and the work that we do. They also appreciated our participation in the meeting with The Department of Education and Sports last December.

I am both happy and proud that the job we are doing here, and have been doing for 16 years now, have resulted in decisions like this. It is a real privilege to know that our work is making waves that reaches even the shores of Scandinavia.

This is cause for celebration! Let’s honour the trust and recognition the government have shown to us and to our work by helping even more children and schools, more villages and new districts!



If you want to help us help even more, our Norwegian account number is 3936.01.14868

  • Marit